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Helping U BBQ
Triple Bone KCBS Rib Contest
Sunday • May 30th, 2021

This contest will be three separate Rib contests on the same day and the cost is $100.00 per entry.

The contest will be held at:
Helping U BBQ
15791 W Dodge Rd • Ste. 131
Omaha, NE 68118

Contest Details

There will be limited space for trailers . No electricity or water on site. We can accommodate several smaller cook sites 10×15.

Teams will provide all necessary supplies for contest.

No open pits can be dug in ground. Set up will begin at 6a.m. on Sunday May 30th 2021.

Turn in times will be at 12:00, 1:00, and 2:00.

Awards approximately 3:30.

Meat inspection will begin immediately at 6: 00 a.m. The contest will follow all KCBS Rules, download rules at

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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Payment Information

Make all checks payable to:
Helping U Barbeque Mail to or Drop Off:

Helping U BBQ
15791 W Dodge Rd
Ste. 131
Omaha, NE 68118

or make a credit card payment through this site.

Maximum of 40 Teams (First come First serve basis).


Please contact Ron at:
Work: 402-932-4578
Toll Free: 800-932-4578

Terms & Conditions

In signing this entry form I understand that no money will be refunded 7 days before contest and my team agrees to abide by the rules of KCBS and the on-site BBQ Committee. Any team with a sponsor must be approved prior to acceptance (product or association). I also understand that I am responsible for my teams conduct. Waiver of Liability: In consideration of accepting this entry, I the undersigned agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Kansas City Barbecue Society, employees and volunteers of the Helping U Barbeque and any coordinators or sponsors against any claim or action or for any cause. I agree that I will be responsible for my own insurance and under this hold harmless clause that is made a part of this contract. I have carefully read and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability, hold harmless agreement and assumption of risk agreement and that it is a legally binding contract. I further understand that this release is binding on my heirs or anyone making a claim. I sign of my own free will. I also grant permission to use any photos, videotapes, motion pictures or record of this event for any legitimate purpose.